to the few who care

If you might have read my blog in the past (for some inexplicable reason), you might have noticed a few differences since the last time you visited. The most prominent one being that this site is now empty.

I have decided to completely privatise my wordpress blog. I created initially as an outlet for me to express my thoughts, work on my writing skills, and as a whole to understand (or try to) my thought process better.

However due to certain circumstances and privacy concerns, this blog has failed to act as my safe space for long. I find my writings now restrained due to the simple fact that some of my thoughts are far too personal to be enclosed to the public. This has somewhat taken the freedom out of writing for me and is certainly counter-intuitive to the initial reason this blog was created.

I do however still find it important for me that I share stories and try to inspire good (however minuscule) through writing whenever I can. For that reason I am resurrecting as a secondary blog with content that’ll focus more on what I’m doing or things of interests rather than what I’m feeling. I won’t be any less detached from it than my primary blog, but hopefully the content will be more relevant and suited for a public audience.

So, to the few of you who care, thanks for reading! It was a fun journey while it lasted. Sayonara good folks. Maybe I’ll see you on tumblr.