starting anew 

It has been much too long since i’ve updated this site. Despite promises made in 2015, prior to entering boarding school, to write every single day as a way of making substantial the ideas and thoughts that flit through my head, life just has a way of throwing a curve ball that disrupts self-made promises and resolutions. Then again, its relatively easier to blame life for anything that goes wrong than to admit one’s own fault. ha.  

I have always strongly believed in the importance of self expression. Thoughts should be made substantial in the effort to understand life and oneself- and what better way express that than to write? It’s probably not the best medium, but it is honestly the easiest and purest medium there is. To me anyway. 

Writing has always been sort of an anchor that grounds me to my understanding of the world, principles and goals. Months of not writing i think has somewhat corroded my sense of purpose in wordly context. I believe its prime time to start again. And this time i will be persistent. 

We’ll see how persistent goes.


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