The end and the beginning (SPM 2016 results whaaa-)

Hello good folks, it has been quite a while. Recently, Malaysia (particularly Malaysian students) have been abuzz with the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2016 results being released on the 16th of March. As one of the candidates, I too was not spared from the odd mix of anxiety and eagerness to find out how I did on the big exam — if all my hard work for the past two years had paid off. This entry is dedicated to documenting just that — one of the most important chapters of my life as a student.

Living in KL and graduating from boarding school in Taiping, my parents had to take 2 days off work to travel the approximately 532 km to-and-back from school. Mum and dad haven’t fully recovered from their mild fever they’ve been having from the past week so I felt bad that they had to travel all the way to the state of Perak just to get my result slip. If anything it intensified the pressure for me to do well, so my parents wouldn’t have came all the way for nothing. 

We arrived in Taiping one day prior, so dad booked a place at Sentosa Villa, a really nice villa a few hundred metres from school. Sentosa Villa reminds me of Camp Half-Blood (Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series) with their Greek-themed cabins and open fields. They even have a building comparable to the Big House! My parents and I stayed in a little cabin named Hyperion, a Greek Titan. As a major greek mythology nerd, I was really ecstatic. The room came equipped with a Queen-sized bed, air conditioning, a decent bathroom with a water heater and ample space. The wooden cabin had a beautiful view, surrounded by lush greenery and a man-made pond. All in all, a great deal for nature lovers. The pricing was very affordable as well at only RM200+ per day for our particular room.

The view from Hyperion 1 of Sentosa Villa, Taiping

It was 7 pm when we arrived, so after freshening up and performing our prayers, we went out for dinner. We were cruising around town for quite a bit looking for a good place to eat, when we finally found a decent looking restaurant called D’Dapur Warisan, a few blocks from Taiping Perdana Hotel, where I had my graduation last year! It does bring back memories. After having our dinner, we headed back to the villa and decided to call it a day

It’s unfortunate to say I didn’t get a good night rest. I was getting more and more anxious by the hour and I had trouble falling asleep. The unfamiliar environment did not help either. I constantly woke up every hour or so tossing and turning, and I only managed to get a small amount of shut-eye before dawn broke. Finally, it was the big day. 

According to the itinerary, we were supposed to be at school by 8. I woke up quite early but trying to delay the inevitable, I took my sweet time getting ready and lounging around, playing with my phone (how predictable). In the end, by the time we were ready to head to school it was already 9.30 am, almost 10 o clock (which was when our results was going to be announced). I headed to the school main foyer for student registration & to settle any technicalities that had to be settled. Mum and dad made their way to the hall while I excused myself. I missed school so I wanted to roam around for a while, see the school compound again and meet up with all my friends. I bumped into so many friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time, I was so happy! ( I also found out I am quite the hugger hehe). Spoke to a few of my juniors too and I’m glad to know they’re doing well in school. 

With Iman and Teacher Aisyah!

Soon, word got around that results were about to be announced as most of the teachers had already made their way to the Dewan Sri Larut (grand hall). At the time Iman (my best friend) and I was at the foyer so we had to rush to the hall before joining all the other students who were already packed inside — all anxious and sweaty, both from worry and the humidity. 

Sir Idris as the penyelaras Tingkatan 5 was already at the rostrum on stage, announcing that results were finally due. Then, the floor was passed to our Principal, proceeding to deliver the statistics of the 2016 SPM results. The air turned heavy as everyone in the hall (students, teachers and parents alike) held their breath. No one knew what to expect with the new examination format and the unpleasant rumours concerning the exam.You cannot imagine the relief and joy when we found out 145 of us had managed to score straight As! Our GPM was also better than last year’s at 1.38. As relieved as we were, it still did not shake off our worries completely. 

Soon, it was time to receive our individuals results. Students had an array of emotions portrayed. Some turned pale while others looked submissive, prepared to accept whatever was in store. We were all hoping for the best but expecting the worst. By that time, my breath was getting shaky. A lot of what ifs played around in my head but I had my whole trust in God and I had to remind myself to believe whatever I would have gotten would’ve been for the best.

All praise to Allah when they announced my name as a straight A scorer. The relief I felt was tangible, washing away every worry I didn’t even know was inside of me. Fuhh, feeling dia lain macam. I went over to mama and bah and gave them both a big hug. After all, they’re the reason I work so hard. Despite telling myself over and over again that these results would not completely dictate my future, knowing I did well was overwhelming. I started making my way to the surau to calm myself down. It was time for this mere servant to stand before God, to thank Him for everything that has been bestowed upon me. To be grateful for all my countless blessings. To remind myself of my true purpose in the world and how small I am as a person, how far I still have to go and how much I depend on His Grace.

After that, it was reunion time and congratulations were due. I sought out all the friends I could and was overjoyed to find out many of them did spectacularly. I was so happy to congratulate everyone.  Naturally, there were tears — happy ones and sad ones. Some of my friends did not get the results they hoped for but I believe they have great things written for them in the future.In fact, all these people have a brilliant future to look forward to. I just hope when success greets them in due time they won’t forget all the time we had together, the pains and joys we shared. The struggle we put forth together, as a team. 

With the emas hitam girls

I managed to see most of my teachers too so it was great! It’s sad that many people simply choose to forget their teachers when they finish school when in fact they’re the ones you owe so much to so keep them in your hearts forever.

Pengetua handing me my emas hitam certificate at the dining hall teehee

A pang of sorrow hit me when I realised all of us are already on our own paths and that this might as well be our final crossroad together. Who knows when we’re all going to see each other again. However, I trust life has a way of bringing people together again, so until then my friends, take care and all the best in life.

The few 510 15/16 members with Sir Syidi

The last light of this chapter of our life has gone out, but we are also witnessing the dawn of the new beginning. This part of life has ended so it is now time to begin again. Now what? That is the question isn’t it?  There isn’t just one path to success, and it takes just a little faith to find your way. If you find yourself lost, forge a path. Success stories take on many arcs and the best thing is, you get decide what success means for you. You get to shape your life the way you want it to be. Scholarships, convertible loans, or self-funded. IPTA or IPTS. Whatever pre-university course you take. Local or abroad. Education is a life-long journey and as long as you’re willing to work hard, success will come. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. This is both a note to self and a reminder for those who need it. 

Success dunia and akhirat for all of us insyaAllah.



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